This is the first book in the Parasites trilogy.

Two Australian opal miners discover an underground chamber containing a large and usual species of beetle and the authorities are called in. Samples are taken from the chamber to be studied, but within a short space of time it is discovered that the insects are not dead as first suspected. Having been lying dormant, in a state of aestivation, the insects soon awake to cause death and destruction on the opal fields of New South Wales.
Several of the dormant pupae are taken to Edenbridge, England and, when the the adult insects emerge, they infest a nearby retirement home. The result is both bizarre and deadly.

This is the second book in the Parasites trilogy.

When the mutilated body of a woman is found in the bottom of a ditch in a desolate Lincolnshire field, the investigating officer suspects that she is the victim of the insects that attacked a home for the elderly in Edenbridge just over a years ago.
Shelley Carpeter and Adam McHendry are called in to help with the investigation, but they discover that the beetles have evolved, have developed new ways of protecting themselves.
If things were not bad enough, they discover that this evolutionary process is still ongoing, with terrible and unexpected results.

This is the third book in the Parasites trilogy.

Massive earthquakes rock the Northern Territories of Australia, damaging one of the cooling pools housed in the nuclear waste facility near Tennent Creek. The cooling liquid escapes underground, contaminating natural spring water, and flows through subterranean fissures and passages for over 3000 miles into New South Wales.
Dave Shrimpton has been commissioned by the government to lead a team of experts down into the opal mines below Glengarry. They are to gather evidence that all the beetles were destroyed in the explosion that sealed them in Aussie Bill's mine. They are also commanded to bring back any dead insects they find for research purposes.
When the team discovers the chamber in which the beetles have have been hiding, they are socked at the changes that have taken place, as they are faced with mutant insects whose instincts are solely to feed and protect themselves.

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When Patrick and Abigail Norris purchase their ideal home, a renovated farmhouse in rural Lincolnshire, it is the perfect start for their new life together. Especially as Abigail is pregnant with their first child.
However, things are not as idyllic as they first appear. Bleasby Farm has a terrible history and when Patrick starts to remember the disturbing events that affected his teenage years, that cruel and evil past quickly catches up with the present.
Soon their marriage plummets to an all time low and their cosy life together becomes corrupted.
As their relationship is ripped apart, Patrick fights for his very sanity. But it is a battle he is destined to lose, a battle that brings nothing but death or injury to all those he loves.
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For One Night Only
When Daniel Roberts is invited to the funfair by the prettiest and most popular girl in school, he can't believe his luck. Billy, Dan's best mate, on the other hand, is not convinced that Madison Page's intentions are as innocent as they first appear to be.
The funfair has come to Castleton For One Night Only and the rides and side stalls are full of excited people. Although usually shy around girls, and never really a popular member of the school, Dan suddenly feels confident, extrovert even, with Madison on his arm. He is sure that it's going to be a night he will never forget.
And he's right.
Before long Dan's dreams are shattered and his world is turned upside down. Not only has he been tricked and made to look a fool by Madison and her friends, but the fairground holds a terrible, hideous secret. A secret that places the population of Castleton in mortal danger.
As the increasingly horrible events of the night unfold, Dan and Billy have to fight hard to survive the mayhem and slaughter that is happening all around them, while trying to find a way to escape the nightmare they are caught up in.
It's a fight neither of them are confident of winning, especially when the truth of what is taking place at the travelling funfair becomes apparent.

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