When Aussie Bill and Dutch Pete accidentally discover an underground chamber whilst digging for opal in the Australian outback, the authorities are called in. The chamber contains a horde of unusually large pupae and several are taken away to be studied. It is not long before it is revealed that the insects found are not dead as first suspected. Having been lying dormant, in a state of aestivation, for untold years, this new species of coleoptera awake to cause death and destruction amongst the inhabitants of the opal fields of New South Wales.
Several of the dormant pupae are also taken to Edenbridge in England for examination. When the adult insects emerge they infest a nearby care home. The result is both bizarre and deadly.
    5 stars
    Hooked from the start
This would make a great movie. Have read and enjoyed both of David's books and can't wait to see what he writes about next.

    5 stars
    Five Stars
Another excellent read - looking forward to the next one.
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