This poem was found by Jake Norris. He discovered it hidden under the
floorboards in his father's (Patrick Norris) computer room in the
house at Bleasby Farm.

The Hanging Tree

For centuries the oak has flourished, 
Its branches growing wide of girth.
The roots grope deep into the soil,
Their passage eased by blood soaked earth.
And when the wind soughs through limbs gnarled and knotted,
Shaking in a macabre dance,
Sounds of death are heard for miles,
Ghosts of victims witnessed with a glance.
For the hanged die slowly, their lives extruded,
Salvation refused despite their pleas.
They swing for days, their bodies dangle,
From the branches of The Hanging Tree.

The Lincolnshire Wolds display a glorious vista,
A patchwork stitched in green and gold.
The history that surrounds that oak tree,
Is deeply rich, incredibly old.
So many lives have ended on those branches,
Years of hurt and pain and fear,
Maids and farmhands, peasants and paupers,
All have shed so many tears
While death pursued them without mercy,
Even though they scream; fall to their knees.
For fate awaits them, and they must dangle,
From the branches of The Hanging Tree.

And if the past comes forth to claim the present,
The dead rise up to walk again.
If disturbed spectres haunt all the places,
Where lives were lost to so much pain.
If history begins to rule the future
Hurting those you love with such steadfast,
And you have lost the strength to save them,
Your spirit sapped by visions of the past.
Then destiny to you is surely calling,
The path to take so clear to see,
Your life must end, your body dangle,
From the branches of The Hanging Tree.
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    5 stars
    Great book!
Not my usual read but was hooked from the start. A well written book that I couldn't put down even though I found parts of it scary! A great story that I found myself engrossed in. Would definitely recommend!

     4 stars
     Was not disappointed. Would not normally read thriller/horror stories but was ...
When I was given this book to read, I was quite excited as it was something different to my usual read. Was not disappointed. Would not normally read thriller/horror stories but was hooked by this book from the first page. Very much a page turner as could not wait to see how the story line and the main characters developed. Great read Mr Paul and look forward to reading more of your work.

    5 stars
A normal couple trying to be happy but haunted by the events of the past. Through no fault of his own, Patrick is more involved in the history of Bleasby farm than he wants.
I dont normally read a lot of books and when i do i take weeks to read, however i read this book in 6 evenings. I was hooked from the start. I could imagine all the little details of the characters and their actions. Very good story and written very well!

     5 stars
     Scary as hell.
This book really freaked me out so much so that I wouldn't read it when my husband wasn't at home. Not sure if I could read any more of this authors books, they are too scary for me!!

     5 stars
     Five Stars
Excellent book, thoroughly enjoyed it and well worth reading.
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